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The Summers County Sheriffs Tax Office is available for you to receive your payments for county taxes and some DMV renewals. Don’t know how much you owe? Call our office and our friendly staff will be glad to help you with any of your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Statements:

  • When are the statements sent? All statements are mailed July 15th.
  • When are my taxes due? To avoid interest charges pay the 1st half before October 1st and the 2nd half by April 1.
  • Why is a previously owned vehicle appearing on my tax statement? Personal property taxes run a year behind for example 2008 taxes would include property you owned July 1, 2007. If your statement is incorrect. Please call the Assessor’s Office at 304-466-7101.
  • Where is my account number located on my statement? The account number is located in the top right hand corner in the first box.
  • I didn’t receive my tax statement, how do I get another copy? Call us at 304-466-7112 for duplicate billing or the amounts due.
  • I lost /did not receive my statement. How can I find how much I owe? Call our office at 304-466-7112 or you may look your taxes up online by clicking on the “Tax Inquiry” link.


  • What do I need in order to receive my sticker at the courthouse? You will need the 2 part renewal form, insurance card, and your tax receipt as long as it is within 3 months of expiration.
  • What if I didn’t receive a renewal form? Go to the local DMV office with your current insurance card and tax receipt.
  • Do you do two year stickers? Yes we do two year renewals on class A only.
  • Why is there an extra $1 for each year renewal? This is a handling fee.
  • For DMV applications, forms and questions - go to


  • Can I pay by phone? No, but Visa, Mastercard and Discover card payments are accepted in the office.  Call 304-466-7112 for correct amounts and any other questions.
  • Can I mail in my payment? Yes, the address is: 120 Ballengee Street, Ste. 101, Hinton, WV 25951. (Please write the account number on the memo line of your check or send the billing stub with your check.)
  • Will I receive a receipt if I mail in a payment? We ask that if you mail in your payment to also include a stamped self addressed envelope.


  • How do I apply for Homestead Exemption? If you are age 64 or older, or 100% disabled. Contact the Assessor’s Office at 304-466-7101.
  • Who do I contact for an address change? You will need to call the Assessor’s Office at 304-466-7101.
  • For questions and to download an application for concealed weapons - go to

Contact Us

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Summers County Sheriff’s Office-Tax Division
120 Ballengee Street, Suite 101
Hinton, WV 25951
Phone:  304-466-7112, Fax:  304 466-7150